In 2019, the three-company collaboration teamed up again to facilitate and deliver a Train the Trainers (TTT) Certificate Programme which was completed in December 2020. The programme is another milestone initiative in the field of fashion for Trinidad and Tobago.

The main objective of this programme is to provide specialist tailoring skills through an intensive one-year training programme. These skills enable designers to progress into employment on the highest levels of tailoring and within the fashion related industries on an individual level. On a macro level, the programme enables the tailoring sector in Trinidad and Tobago to develop further through its association with the well renown and well respected brand, Savile Row Academy. 

The future holds various opportunities for the tailors who graduate from these programmes such as the following: 


Tailors can be employed as tutors in various educational institutions. Additionally, tailors can establish their own training businesses where they can train others in the craft of tailoring. 


Tailors can establish their own companies. All tailors have been invited to all FashionTT’s business webinars and some are also part of FashionTT’s VCIP Business Advisory mentorship programme. 


Apprenticeship into bespoke houses to continue with on-the-job training and mentorship whist being paid. 

The Bespoke Tailoring Certificate Programmes will be the touch point in which various entrepreneurial endeavours can be pursued. FashionTT has been and will continue to work with, support and promote these emerging tailors, with the aim of becoming successfully established businesses.