The Value Chain Investment Programme (VCIP) is one of the core projects of the Strategic Plan for the Fashion Industry. This programme assesses local firms by an independent international panel who will categorize firms into one of the four levels of the VCIP:

  1. The Global Value Chain (GVC) Support Programme
  2. Non-Global Value Chain (Non-GVC) Support Programme
  3. Business Advisory and Financing Programme
  4. Entrepreneurial Proficiency Programme

The VCIP is a landmark initiative that began in July 2016 when the Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Company Limited (FashionTT) convened a three-member international panel to interview twenty-one designers in Trinidad and Tobago.

Each candidate was scored based on their responses to a series of questions related to the fifteen VCIP criteria.

And based on their scores, five designers were accepted into the Non-GVC Programme – Millhouse, Ecliff Elie, J Angelique, Charu Lochan Dass and Ted Arthur Leather Collections – in the programme.

These firms received support in improving up to two elements of their value chain by refining their in-house performance or outsourcing some steps locally. This support was provided by Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology and consultant, Vincent Quan over a one-year period who worked closely with these designers to harness their most significant value chain potentials.

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