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"TJM Designs is a sole trader, homebased business located in Tobago. We design and manufacture custom-made bags and other accessories.
We also retail quality bag-making hardware. While some items may be made in bulk, the goal is for each bag to unique to its owner.
Each client can choose the color, fabric and design of their preferred item(s) before it is constructed.
Some favorites are duffel bags, school backpacks and baby bags/products.
Clients can contact the designer directly to chat about their preferences when ordering a product.
Items on the website are usually products already sold and merely there to showcase the design.
Products may take 4 to 8 weeks to be ready for delivery. Shipping within Trinidad and Tobago is free and delivered directly to you.
Payment can be cash on delivery or other preferred methods. International shipping happens through DHL and payment through credit card. "


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