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Ritchie Bharrathsingh

KRUZ is greater than just a brand. It is an illusion emulating the iridescent flora and fauna of our beautiful Trinidad and tobago. The brand was created to encompass the island life and life on water with its biggest aspects being sand, sea, sun and natures beauty. KRUZ came from the word cruise which means to coast or drift and that’s what the brand is all about, cruising or ‘kruzing’ through life and enjoying every part of it. KRUZ gives you fashion to fit into the yachting and water life.

KRUZ logo

      The KRUZ ship wheel is the official emblem of this brand. The shipwheel represents someone trying to find their way though the rough seas we call ‘life’. It reminds the wearer that we all must choose a path, right or wrong, though the unseen dangers while at mercy of mighty forces out of our control. In life, we are on a constant journey to find our way and make the most out of life’s opportunities.

In closing, sit back, enjoy the ride and KRUZ through life.


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