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Petrina Stephenson Brown

"I was always fascinated with learning to sew and it's a natural skill and talent that ran in my family for generations.

I finally took a garment construction course, and my instructor gave us bag samples to try. She was always impressed with my workmanship and was very satisfied with the outcome. I made for family and friends and even attemped to sell some in Tobago. None of them got sold but I wasn't dissapointed because it was a new found hobby. One morning, on a local talkshow, a woman was showcasing her store for people who only created handmade items. I decided that I could turn my hobby into a business, so I contacted her. She loved everything about my bags and I began selling them.

My background is in construction and I have been pursuing sewing about 5 years and expanded my business by doing stitchwork for a very well-known designer based in South."


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The House Of Creative People, Southern Main Road, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

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