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Malika Green

Malika Green

In university I needed an arts credit outside my music major. Silversmithing looked intriguing, plus I love jewelry. A single class. Thereafter it trailed me as a hobby through my decades in music.

Romance brought me to Trinidad, my mother’s birthplace. I joined Renegades and Power Stars, explored the island and looked for gainful occupation in music. A friend mentioned a local jeweller who wanted an apprentice.

I still can’t believe my luck: a master craftsman happy to teach me. Gratis. I visited his workshop on slow days, creating jewellery inspired by the beautiful flora everywhere. After a few months I was on staff.  During lockdown I made a plan for my own brand. I’ve been blessed beyond and so grateful to share this with the world.

Silversmithing and me: it’s like a rom-com where two close friends after long, platonic years discover that they’d always been in love.


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