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Kavir Mootoo

One of my deepest desires it to create! I love to paint…..and….I love fashion…..and I love the planet.

Welcome to ‘A Gardener’s Heart: The Divine Play of Kavir Mootoo’ where I create Paintings to wear and for your living and work spaces, in environmentally-sustainable ways.

I create my wearable art on Organic Cotton, Bamboo or Hemp and Sweatshop-free T-shirts and Tank Tops that are made by unionised workers in the US – I beleive we cannot be truly beautiful/dapper if what we wear is at the expense of the planet or of people. I like painting on clothes re-fresh clothes with my art thereby reducing the need to buy new clothes and am moving towards using found materials on which to paint instead of canvas.

I believe strongly that everyone should have access to nice things – to beauty – and so I’ve reduced my prices by 20% to help make this possible (prices shown are the reduced prices). Payment plans are available – please don’t hesitate to ask.

I hope you enjoy my work!

Stay safe! Look out for your brothers and sisters and let’s share in LIFE’S BEAUTY!!!!


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