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Diandrea Roberts

I have always been a crafter at heart and love fashion. However, I've never wanted to sew or anything to do with sewing ,mainly due to the fact that my mom was a seamstress and she was always rushing to finish someone's clothes including mine.

I made the statement when I had to rip out a garment I would never sew!!!

Early last year I found myself home and to me I was wasting time sitting, hoping for one of my resumes to be successful so I ended up on Youtube watching soft furnishings.

I started making throw pillows, runners ,table cloths, curtains and I thought these are cute ! I started with the traditional origami bag....then I was like, I think I'm good at this!

I experimented with different pieces such as tie and dye, batik, leatherette...and I'm still working on my craft.


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