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Danielle Benskin

My name is Danielle Benskin and I am an artist, a creative, a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Accessory Design

(Magna Cum Laude), and most recently, the founder of D Benskin Design House.

As a young girl growing up, I’ve always had a peculiar affinity towards arts and craft. Where many other little girls would appreciate a doll to play with, a box of art

supplies and the freedom to create, quicker peeked my interest. This drew me into the fine arts, where painting and drawing was my focus prior to attending SCAD.

However, as much as I appreciated art which carried meaning, I longed for my art to have function. My wish was for it to be enjoyed and valued by all, not only those

with the eye and appreciation for things artistic. This drew my attention to the study of Accessory Design, where I could artistically express myself through the design

of functional handbags, footwear and other accessory items.

My lifelong exposure to Trinidad’s rich culture has definitely influenced my work. Another source of inspiration being the physical world around me. My approach is

very hands on, where my abilities go beyond sketching my ideas on a piece of paper, but being able to work out the technical intricacies in its functioning, and bringing

it to life. This mindset is accompanied by my great attention to detail and the pride I take in the craftsmanship of my work.


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