FashionTT, with the support of the support of the Ministry of Trade and Investment, partnered with the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) to launch MADE868, a local production facility which aims to bolster garment production for the local fashion sector. MADE868 is located on the UTT, Wrightson Rd Campus in the Block C Area.

MADE868 was birthed out of the necessity to bridge the production gap many fashion industry stakeholders identified. The production bottleneck in the industry is large enough to warrant a concerted effort to find a way for firms to produce large enough quantities to scale up their own design and distribution operations, as well as produce sample batches. Local designers also found the actual production process of garments to be challenging because of a shortage of skills as well as low productivity. Industry members welcomed the possibility of establishing a production facility as a viable vehicle through which talented and highly skilled production staff can come together and scale up production, turnover, in an organizational form that encourages pride and high organizational values.

Many fashion apparel designers expressed an interest in being able to locally outsource the production run for smaller quantity orders once quality and confidentiality can be guaranteed. On this basis, FashionTT hired an international expert in this field to develop a business model for a local production facility in T&T in keeping with regional and international standards. And thus… MADE868 was born!

How does the MADE868 facility support the diversification of the Trinidad and Tobago economy?

The fashion industry is one of the industries identified by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in its Vision 2030 document. It is earmarked to propel the diversification of this country’s economy away from the hydrocarbon sector. However, one of the major bottlenecks to the industry’s continued growth is Trinidad and Tobago’s lack of production facilities. Inconsistent labour and limited knowledge of international best practices in garment quality and production have been consistently identified as one of the areas restricting the industry’s growth.

MADE868 is the Government of Trinidad and Tobago’s answer to the industry’s production woes.  MADE868 is a local production facility formed by inter-agency and ministry collaboration.  The facility, funded by FashionTT and the University of Trinidad and Tobago, will increase the productive capacity of the local fashion industry and support their export activities. As a result, fashion designers will have access to a high-quality production facility capable of producing a wide range of garments in a reasonable timeframe.

MADE868 will also train a cadre of local machine operators, pattern makers, production managers on international best standards and quality production.

Will the facility be only limited to local designers?

The facility’s business model is open to the public and will take orders for customers interested in cut and sew production, fabric printing and many other services. Visit for a consultation!

There are no other similar facilities in the English-speaking region catering to this unique market. We hope that MADE868 becomes a hub for regional designer production.